Adobe Corporation -  Keep up with the latest upgrades and fixes to Pagemaker and all of Adobe's products at this web site.

Apple Computer -  Need system software fixes? Have questions about your Mac? Go straight to the experts at Apple.

CPrint International Find out about one of the fast growing print franchises for exisiting printing companies. The new franchise focuses on giving a print shop owner more time and money. This site offers an indepth view of how a franchise can help your business.

Crouser & Associates -  Read the latest Crouser Report and visit the site of one of the quick printing industries' top consultants.

Enfocus Pitstop -  If you are going to edit PDF files, you must have Enfocus Pitstop. This plug-in gives you features that Acrobat doesn't. It makes color correction easy as well as expands Acrobat's basic editing capabilities. You can also get a free 30-day demo of Pitstop at the site to try out.

FlightCheck -  Looking for a way to check customer digital files and find the problems before you print? FlightCheck from Markzware is one of the top products for checking files. And best of all they have a free version for Mac users that you can try out. It is great, but you'll want to buy the whole package. A demo for PC users is also available.

Font Help -  Need to figure out what font your customer used? Here is a good online source to help identify the font you need.

John Stewart -  John Stewart is one of the quick printing industries top consultants. Now he is helping quick printers find employees. Visit the Classifieds on his site.

Larry Hunt -  Buying a color copier? A high speed printer/copier? Larry Hunt will help you save money. Larry is the industry expert on copiers and printers. Learn more about his services and his newsletters at his Internet site.

PagePath -  Want an easy way to receive files electronically from your customers. Check out the services offered by PagePath, makers of Launch! file transfer software. It turns customer files into PDF files automatically.

PIA -  Check out what the PIA Web site can offer printers.

Print Tec Network -  So you want to go digital? Don't know to whom to sell digital services? Bill Farquharson is the man with the answers. He offers materials that make selling digital services understandable and easy.

Print TIps -  Need to stay in front of your customers? Print Tips provides you with content rich information in a newsletter you can mail to customers. It is something you will want to add to your advertising and marketing program.

PrinterPresence/Firespring -  Every quick printer needs a web site if they want to be competitive and from Firespring makes it easy. They provide an inexpensive way to look go on the Web and make it easy for your customers to communicate with you.

Printers Idea Exchange -  Here is another link to quick printers around the country where you can share information, ideas and solutions.

PrintWeb -  Great links to other websites that can help quick printers. Also includes information on how to sign up for a listserve specifically for printers.

Quark -  Quark Xpress is one of the top page layout programs used by quick printers. This site answers all of your questions.

Quick Printing Magazine -  Get the latest news from the top magazine for the quick printing industry.

Quite Software -  If you need to impose PDF files, you'll want to use Quite Imposing Plus. This site highlights Imposing Plus as well as other Acrobat plug-ins suchs as Quite Box of Tricks and Quite Revealing. Check out the demos available on the site.

RHM Marketing Group -  RHM is a marketing planning and sales development firm geared to the challenges of businesses serving other businesses. Bob Moffitt is the president of RHM and a nationally known consultant and speaker. RHM offers market research, competitive analyses, communications audits, sales training, management, and sales execution programs.

Xerox -  Digital users will want to visit the Xerox site and see what the Document Company is up to this month!

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